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My name is Daniel Waterman, I am Jewish and have lived in Israel-Palestine. I am an author and social-critic with a keen interest in Ethics. 


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Scraping the bottom of the barrel, Zionist media start to dig ...

—Daniel Waterman, July 2018

It is truly difficult to see how Zionists in the UK could do more harm to Jewish and Israeli interests than they are already doing by accusing Jeremy Corbyn and the UK Labour party of antisemitism. The accusations are not only ridiculous and baseless, they also amount to a form of antisemitism in their own right by ridiculing and undermining the term antisemitism with all its historical connotations.

As a British Jew whose grandparents were literally all murdered in Auschwitz, I feel nothin but deep shame and disgust for those who abuse the memory of the Holocaust for political ends. They are shameless and ignorant and have no real understanding or interest in the harm they are causing both the Jewish community and humanity as a whole.

Criticism of Israel is patently not antisemitism and I personally see no evidence of that type of criticism being hijacked by antisemites. But the abusive and false accusations of antisemitism levelled against anyone and everyone questioning Israeli policy or critical of Jewish and Zionist organisations is likely to aggravate negative opinions about Israelis, Zionist and Jews in general — how could it not? When ordinary people perceive Jews as standing united against reason, how can they not begin to think there must be something inherent to the culture as a whole?

The "Jewish newspapers" mentioned in this BBC report do not represent the British Jewish community as a whole, that is certain. In fact they represent only a very small minority of decrepit, aging, nationalist reptiles. Who, after all, in their right mind reads such biased and paranoid news other than those who are staunchly backward and ignorant to begin with?

The sad truth is that Jewish newspapers were once a force for good, helping to organise Jews so they could stand up for their rights. But this predominently left-wing movement to enhance Jewish self-consciousness and mobilisation has become a profoundly right-wing force, supportive of Israel and its hard-line policies and of the Tory government. Its voice is profoundly petit bourgeois, founded in fear and without a true vision. It does not represent Jewish interests at all, but the interests of ruling elites. It is no surprise that these papers print more or less the exact same garbage ...