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My name is Daniel Waterman, I am Jewish and have lived in Israel-Palestine. I am an author and social-critic with a keen interest in Ethics. 


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Jeremy Corbyn's spinelessness on Israel

While Corbyn's integrity as a long-standing political activist is much appreciated by his supporters, his single greatest vulnerability is exposed in his spinelessness and apparent inability to tell those accusing him of antisemitism to shove it up their arses. His continual grovelling and cowtoing to the Zionist lobby is spectacularly ill-conceived and the damage will be difficult to contain.

In the meantime, Zionists all over the world are having a good laugh at the rest of us. The question is whether and when this manipulation of public opinion is going to explode in their faces? Hajo Meier, whose comparisons of Nazism and Israel are at the heart of this particular spate of accusations was a much respected and loved Holocaust survivor, and a very courageous and principled person. His criticism of Israel fell on deaf ears in the Jewish community and Israel, but whose opinions are more important? Those who were actually there, in the concentration camps, who experienced the rise of Nazism first hand and lost everything during that time? Or, are we to believe that people who never experienced these horrors first-hand and have only learned about them from the narrow nationalistic and self-interested perspective of 'official media' know more about the Holocaust?

Instead of cowtowing to Zionists, Corbyn should stand by Hajo Meier and those Holocaust survivors whom even Israel is prepared to throw to the lions to pursue its narrow nationalist agenda and its 'victim' stance toward Palestinians.

But there is a gleam of hope: Corbyn has not yet apologised as the BBC falsely suggests:

"At the 2010 event in the Commons, Jewish Auschwitz survivor and anti-Zionist Hajo Meyer gave a talk entitled The Misuse of the Holocaust for Political Purposes.

Mr Meyer, who died in 2014 aged 90, compared Israeli policy to the Nazi regime.

The Times said that Palestinian activist Haidar Eid also addressed the meeting, saying: "The world was absolutely wrong to think that Nazism was defeated in 1945.

"Nazism has won because it has finally managed to Nazify the consciousness of its own victims." Mr Corbyn said views were expressed which he did not "accept or condone"."

This article does not explicitly state which views Corbyn does no accept or condone, and it cannot because the Labour leader has not clarified this. Perhaps he does not agree with the tone of these statement, but Corbyn is certainly not a fool, he understands perfectly the sentiments expressed and I wager he also agrees. The problem here is that he is unwilling to take on the Zionist lobby head on, something that might open up the possibility of a court case, which he would certainly win.

As Tony Greenstein and other banned Labour activists, including myself, have consistently pointed out, Corbyn's approach to this question is seriously flawed and opens him up to attacks from within his own ranks. Where he needs to step up he is being evasive and apologetic and this plays right into the hands of those who seek to show him as weak and lacking in integrity. This is not the way to deal with this type of manipulation. Israel and its supporters need to be faced head on.

—Daniel Waterman, July 2018.